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Keepin' Up With Bennie

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

I volunteer with a pug rescue organization and foster pugs in my home. Most of the pugs that come through my home are seniors, and many of them have disabilities or challenges that need extra support.

Bennie the pug came to live with me a few weeks ago.

He is deaf.

He is almost completely blind.

He is diabetic.

And... he is 12. Not super old, but he's had his share of challenges in life, for sure.

One of Bennie's favorite activities is going for walks.

Simple enough... a slow walk around the circle, stop to enjoy the weather, and simply take our time.

NO!!! Bennie is a POWER WALKER. Like full-steam ahead, everyone get out of the way, sprinting towards the finish line kind of a guy. And I, as his foster mama, am keeping up with him!

Some takeaways from my little friend, Bennie...

  • Never underestimate someone's drive and energy to go after what they want.

  • Be supportive of others when they decide to "go for it"!

  • If you think you can, you can.

  • Feel confident even if it seems hard.

  • Trust that if you can't do it by yourself, someone will be there to guide you!

But most importantly, always presume competence. Presume that the possible really is possible.

Even though Bennie has multiple disabilities, he does not let that slow him down.


A lack of an ability does not define who we are. Or even who our pets are.

Bennie is an empowered, confident, and cuddly little pug. He does not see himself as a pug with a disability... He has superpowers.

I'm just tryin' to keep up...

Keep up with us and the work we do (with superpower kiddos!) at Inclusiveology!

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