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Marge And In Charge

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Never underestimate the possibilities and potential... regardless of ability.

This is Margie. Margie is my 13 year old, one-eyed foster pug with a physical disability.

And she is in charge of her world.

Margie came to me about a month ago in horrible condition after being dumped at the shelter. She had ear infections, rotten teeth, 2 large masses, and such severe arthritis that she was not mobile, except for 5 steps or so. Then she would collapse...

So... Margie and I got to work.

She received supplements and injections to ease the pain of arthritis. Her ear infections were cleared up and masses removed. My girl Margie even had a dental leaving her with 6 shiny clean teeth!

My and Margie's most important physical work centered around the use of a wheelchair. We used a quad wheelchair (with 4 wheels and a thick belly strap to support her torso) to build strength, walking stamina, and range of motion in her legs.

Margie and I worked 5-10 minutes a day in her wheelchair, and that short practice was a game-changer for her independence and confidence.

Margie can now walk down the street without the wheelchair, greeting neighbors, getting loads of attention from the kids in the neighborhood, and simply being happy.

Just being a pug!!

After just a short time, Margie is living her best life.

And why?

She had someone that never underestimated her potential and possibility for greatness.

I fostered her independence and growth with so much love.

Margie might have a disability, but she is in charge of her world.

She is Marge and in charge... and I just love her.

If we can support pugs with disabilities with love and believe in their possibilities and potential, imagine how amazing it would be if we could do that for every child regardless of their disability?

Every child has potential for greatness, independence and massive achievement. Find out how Inclusiveology helps every child regardless of disability be the best they can be!

Just like Margie...

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