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Color Pencils

For Schools

Inclusiveology supports inclusive practices through mentoring, coaching, and professional development including every child in learning.

School-based Coaching and Training


Complete a Needs Assessment and begin planning for meaningful inclusion.



Continue the plan for meaningful inclusion with professional development.



Add coaching and go deeper with professional development to target specific needs.


What makes a classroom I.N.C.L.U.S.I.V.E.?

Elementary Classroom

Instructional Accommodations and Modifications
Need for Generalization
Collaborative Teaching
Learning Outcomes
Use of Assistive Technology
Scheduling and Specially Designed Instruction
Innovative Assessment
Visual Supports and Routines
Environment and Space

If your child learns differently or has a disability, how does their classroom learning look?

Are they given options when working with materials?

Do they have choices of how to access reading even if they are not yet reading at grade level?

Do they have a choice of where to sit in order to focus and learning their best?

Does specially designed instruction target missing skills so thy continue to grow as learners?

How can inclusion for children with disabilities and learning differences be defined?

a feeling of true membership

all are welcomed

every child feels like they are part of the group

every child gets what they need to learn and belong

every child has a voice

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