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The mission of Inclusiveology is to guide and support parents and educators in creating inclusive opportunities for every child to learn, engage, and grow.  Inclusiveology supports inclusive practices through mentoring, coaching, and professional development.

... including every child in learning.

Parent support

Learning Pods
Parent Mentoring and Training

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  • designed to meet the needs of families and children

  • designing sessions to target missing skills

  • getting to the "root" of academic struggles

  • providing unique supports

  • building a "toolbox" of supports that will build confidence, independence, and learning growth

  • support and community with like-minded parents

  • beneficial tools for both the home and school environment

School support

School-based Coaching and Training


Complete a Needs Assessment and begin planning for meaningful inclusion.



Continue the plan for meaningful inclusion with professional development.



Add coaching and go deeper with professional development to target specific needs.


What makes a classroom I.N.C.L.U.S.I.V.E.?

Elementary Classroom

Instructional Accommodations and Modifications
Need for Generalization
Collaborative Teaching
Learning Outcomes
Use of Assistive Technology
Scheduling and Specially Designed Instruction
Innovative Assessment
Visual Supports and Routines
Environment and Space

If your child learns differently or has a disability, how does their classroom learning look?

Are they given options when working with materials?

Do they have choices of how to access reading even if they are not yet reading at grade level?

Do they have a choice of where to sit in order to focus and learning their best?

Does specially designed instruction target missing skills so thy continue to grow as learners?

How can inclusion for children with disabilities and learning differences be defined?

a feeling of true membership

all are welcomed

every child feels like they are part of the group

every child gets what they need to learn and belong

every child has a voice

What parents and educators are saying...

"DJ helped us understand how to support our son's basic reading skills and share with his teacher."  

Melissa, parent

"DJ is a great problem solver!  She helped us organize our mornings so they are not so chaotic!"  

Alyssa, parent

"I feel like I can support M's new teacher in knowing what he needs to learn; I understand his IEP."

Jerrie, parent

"My daughter, S., feels so much more supported in school.  I feel like she is really learning; she's getting it!"

Mitchell, parent

"Thank you so much for talking with me yesterday.  Although we won't be able to use your services, I o appreciate you taking the time to speak with us and providing good tools and suggestions for other resources the might be helpful for my 12 y.o.  I will definitely be recommending you to other parents and teachers!"

Adria, parent

DJ truly cares and believes in all children’s ability to learn.  When DJ has helped me work with students she has always been very keen on seeing the positives in students and what they are able to accomplish and how to use that to help them improve their struggles.  Her positive attitude helps others to see the potential in all students.

Yadira, educator

DJ, was a huge help and such a wonderful resource when she served as our Instructional Coach. She assisted with modifying instruction for students, and her guidance and support helped me further integrate access points in the  general education classroom.  DJ provided resources that helped my students meet their IEP goals.  She not only provided assistance she was always readily available and always willing to help and guide me through the process of modifying instruction for students.   She provided me with best practices in an inclusion setting and within a small group ESE setting. 

I was very lucky and had the privilege to work alongside DJ.

Anastasia, educator

DJ has always been an amazing academic coach.  She was able to help me accommodate, modify, and differentiate based on the individual needs of the students.  Whenever I had questions or seemed to be stuck with instruction, DJ was always there to coach me through the difficult times. DJ also opened the doors for many students on our school campus.  She would work with the general education teacher to make sure all students were included in the classroom and on campus.  Her knowledge of inclusive practices that she could offer to the school based team, including administration made all the difference for students with Individual Education Plans.  

Cynthia, educator

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