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Inclusiveology (n):the study of inclusion

If your child learns differently or has a disability, how does their classroom learning look?

  • Are they given options when working with materials?

  • Do they have choices of how to access reading even if they are not yet reading at grade level?

  • Do they have a choice of where to sit in order to focus and learning their best?

  • Does specially designed instruction target missing skills so thy continue to grow as learners?

How can inclusion for children with disabilities and learning differences be defined?

  • a feeling of true membership

  • that all are welcomed

  • that every child feels like they are part of the group

  • that someone gets what they need to learn and belong

  • that every child has a voice

... unconditional acceptance and including every child in learning

Inclusiveology is a educational program that supports inclusive practices through coaching, consulting, and professional development.

The mission of Inclusiveology is to guide and support parents and educators in creating inclusive opportunities for every child to learn, engage, and grow.

Family Walking

Parent Support

Do you have a child with a disability or learning difference that struggles with:

  • reading (i.e. doesn't understand what is read, reads slowly)?

  • writing and organizing thoughts?

  • accessing grade level material?

  • staying focused and engaged in learning?

Children in School Bus

School Support

Is your school community struggling with:

  • learning gaps that impede the learning and achievement of children with disabilities and learning differences?

  • new teachers that need a "boost" to their tools and strategies toolbox?

  • using assistive technology as a classroom tool to support access and engagment? 

  • specially designed instruction that truly matches deficit areas?

  • maximizing the time of your specialized staff with an inclusive schedule?

Father and Children

Parent and Family Coaching

Coaching is NOT tutoring!

What are the benefits of coaching?

  • coaching specially designed to meet the needs of families and children

  • designing sessions to target missing skills

  • getting to the "root" of academic struggles

  • providing unique supports

  • building a "toolbox" of supports that will build confidence, independence, and learning growth

  • support and community with like-minded parents

  • beneficial tools for both the home and school environment

Group Coaching
for parents!

Parent support

Professional Development for School Communities

  • Guidance for school leadership on best practices for inclusion

  • In-classroom support for teachers and students

  • Reflections and agendas for Professional Learning Community meetings

  • Collaborative walk and talk with school leaders

  • Problem-solving unique supports

  • Environmental design for maximum accessibility and engagement

Staff Meeting
School support


  • Needs assessment collaboration with school leadership

  • A Creating Inclusive School Communities workshop

  • Suggestions for inclusive practices

  • Helpful resources


  • Needs assessment collaboration with school leadership

  • Customized professional development trainings based on the I.N.C.L.U.S.I.V.E. elements specific to the needs of your school 

  • Monthly strategy sessions for unique situations

  • Suggestions for inclusive practices

  • Helpful resources


  • Needs assessment collaboration with school leadership

  • Ten professional development trainings addressing all essential elements of an I.N.C.L.U.S.I.V.E. community

  • Monthly strategy sessions for unique situations

  • Classroom coaching

  • Suggestions for inclusive practices

  • Helpful resources


  • I serve school communities that are ready to shift towards the inclusion of every child regardless of disability or learning difference. 

  • I serve school leadership in creating a plan to meet the needs of every child on the school campus by collaborating on targeted areas of support, areas for growth, and celebrating current successes.

Build.   Train.   Coach.   Grow.

What makes a classroom I.N.C.L.U.S.I.V.E.?

Elementary Classroom

Instructional Accommodations and Modifications
Need for Generalization
Collaborative Teaching
Learning Outcomes
Use of Assistive Technology
Scheduling and Specially Designed Instruction
Innovative Assessment
Visual Supports and Routines
Environment and Space

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What Professionals Are Saying

DJ truly cares and believes in all children’s ability to learn.  When DJ has helped me work with students she has always been very keen on seeing the positives in students and what they are able to accomplish and how to use that to help them improve their struggles.  Her positive attitude helps others to see the potential in all students.

Yadira R., educator

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