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You Must Have a Recipe.

I am not known for my skills in the kitchen.

Partly because I have never had a cooking class or entertained the thought of cooking as a hobby. It's just not my thing.


I occasionally will have the wild idea to create something in the kitchen.

Since I do not have kitchen skills, I will often try to "recreate" something with no recipe.

That's right... no recipe.

Sounds crazy, right?!?!

And more often than not, it is an epic fail... Or it tastes terrible, or bland, or is too dry, or has the wrong consistency. It just doesn't work.

So to cook without a recipe seems silly. The recipe is the roadmap to ensure that you are successful.

I need a recipe for success!

A recipe for success is also needed when we start to have conversations about inclusion. True and meaningful inclusion that supports every child in a school community.

As a school community, the recipe must be read by everyone, all of the ingredients must be purchased and measured, chopped and ready to go on the counter.

Or... it just doesn't work.

To make inclusion meaningful and valuable for every child, we have to read the recipe.

  • 1 cup of a supportive leadership team

  • 2 Tbs. of assistive technology supports

  • 4 tbs. of flexibility in the classroom for creative spaces and seating

  • 3 cups of universal design to encourage the various learning styles of every child

  • 5 cups of professional development to ensure that ALL teachers have to tools that THEY need to support student success

  • 2 cups of coaching and follow-up to continue growth

Of course, there is more to this recipe, but you get the idea.

We MUST have a recipe and a plan for inclusion. When we have a roadmap for success, everyone plays a part in the creation of a new inclusive recipe that has all of the ingredients that are perfectly measured out.

Otherwise, we will continue to say, "It just doesn't work".

Find out more about how to make true and meaningful inclusion work with a recipe and roadmap for success. CLICK HERE:

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