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What Do We Mean By "Inclusion"?

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

I recent asked the question on social media, "How do you define inclusion?"

The responses were thought-provoking. Of the 48 responses I received, only 2 made reference to children with disabilities.

Most used the word "all". As in "all children" and "all people".

Here are some of the responses that really resonated with me:

  • "true membership"

  • "Where everyone feels included and we ask what someone may need to feel like they belong."

  • "unconditional acceptance"

  • "All are included, and all have a voice and are heard."

Regardless of how we define inclusion, the most important consideration is that every child, every human has a place in this world. Every child is different and brings something special to the table.

When we include every child, we are creating supportive communities. We are ensuring that every child understands their value, their purpose, and their belonging in the world.

Every child is different. Every child learns when given the chance to engage in ways that make sense to them. When we start considering the beautiful differences of every child, we can give them what they need to be successful.

What's the best way to be inclusive?

Just decide that you want to.

Inclusiveology offers coaching and consulting services for parents and school communities to ensure that every child has an opportunity to learn in an inclusive space.

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