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The What, How and Why of Inclusion

You actually do know WHAT to do.

As an educator, you know what inclusion is.

You can define it and talk about it.

You can even say "We are inclusive."

Or "All means all." Even though you know it really doesn't...

And you can have the best of intentions when it comes to the WHAT because as an educator, you love children and want all of them to achieve, grow and become thriving members of society.

But this is a time when the best of intentions are not enough.

You have to have a deeper understanding of the HOW and the WHY.

So HOW do you support every child in achieving, growing and thriving?

HOW you support every child starts with:

  • mindsets that enforce the idea that every child is capable of achieving regardless of learning difference, ability or learning style

  • collaboration amongst educators and school staff to maximize supports for children that need additional supports

  • strategy toolboxes that encourage flexible instruction, engagement and expression

And this is just for starters.

WHY do you need to support inclusive education?

I could simply say that it feels terrible to not be included. To be left out. To always be the "one" that isn't making gains. To be the kiddo that "just doesn't get it". To be "called out" by their teacher.

But it's more than that. As an educator, you are in the business of teaching children. You don't get to pick and choose who achieves and who doesn't.

It's your business to ensure that every child achieves, is included, and feels like they are an important part of your class.

What's your WHY for including every child?

When you can begin to connect the WHAT to the HOW and WHY, it is then that you can approach inclusive education in a way that is meaningful for every child.

Inclusiveology support inclusive education with professional development and coaching in nine essential elements of meaningful inclusion. CLICK HERE to learn more.

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