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The Sun, The Moon and Everything Else Up There

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Science was never my strong suit, even in high school. But as a teacher, we gotta do, what we gotta do, right?!

I was all set for my Science lesson on the Sun and Moon. Getting ready to teach a group of Kindergarten and 1st grade students with cognitive differences, I was completely prepared... great plan, video, visual supports for academic engagement, communication devices ready, opportunity for practical application outside.

It was the first day of this lesson, and I was keeping it very simple and concrete: We can see the sun during the day, and we can see the moon at night. My kiddos were engaged, loved the opportunity to be outside, etc.

Then from one of my 1st graders, this question: "Ms. DJ, What is that?"

She is now pointing up to the sky, and what does she see?

The moon. And it's daytime.

Needless to say, while my initial intention was to keep in simple and concrete, my little friend needed more than that. It became a beautiful opportunity for enrichment, digging a bit deeper, and growing her experience with Science.

NEVER underestimate the learning and capabilities of a child.

Inclusiveology... we can help you with that...

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