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The Blue Chair

We've all seen it. Rows of the classic blue classroom chair...

Whether it's in the cafeteria, the classroom or set up for an assembly, these plastic blue chairs are everywhere in schools.

And maybe, they're not blue... but they're red, brown, black or orange and they all look EXACTLY the same.

So, consider for a moment, where you do your best work. (Pause for reflection.)

Are you in a cushy office chair that swivels? Are you in the soft seat of your car? Are you able to get up and move around? Are you constantly shifting your location or position so you can be the most comfortable?

I hope that you were able to answer "yes" for at least one of those questions OR came up with your own question in which "yes" was the answer.

We all deserve to have a work environment where we can work to our potential.

So it is for children! When they are in a seat or space where they can work to their potential, that's when the magic happens!

The magic of being in a preferred seat or space has the possibility of increasing:

  • focus

  • engagement

  • collaboration with peers

  • creativity

Being in a preferred seat or space provides children a chance to be:

  • more self-aware of themselves

  • focused on a task rather than wiggling or shifting around in an uncomfortable seat

  • engaged in learning either independently or in a small group

  • more aware of their need for sensory input

  • more capable of self-regulating needs in the learning environment

An additional part of the magic is that some flexible seating has no cost!!

  • sitting on the floor

  • stand at the side or the back of the room

  • tables adjusted so children can sit on the floor and work at shortened tables

  • borrowed furniture from other areas of campus

If your school has an adequate budget, consider some of the more creative flexible seats and spaces.

Inclusiveology is the place for all things inclusive!

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