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Teachers! You're in the Home Stretch!

This blog post is brought to you by Melissa Ley, Director of Florida Unique Learning Support (F.U.E.L.S.), an educational non-profit that supports teachers and students with learning tools, resources, and materials not otherwise provided by school districts for maximum student success. Students with special needs, including autism, ADHD and related disabilities benefit greatly from F.U.E.L.S.!

Congratulations, Educators - you’re in the home stretch! You’re here, BUT not quite there yet. Last minute assignments, grades, classroom cleanout, End of the Year checklists, and the list goes on…

I always found the end of the year to be so much more draining than the start of one.

One of the biggest instigators to end-of-the-year stress are the increasing behaviors! Students are having big feels just like we are and they will show them, likely, in the most  frustrating ways. Don’t be surprised if your classroom rules/expectations are challenged daily. The idea of the last day of school with a full summer of fun and relaxation isn’t a reality for lots of our students. Not having the consistency of their classroom or teacher every day is enough to cause some students to rebel. If they push hard enough, maybe their teacher will get mad at them and walking away from an enemy is much easier than walking away from a hero. There are also the kids transitioning to new schools altogether, which will ultimately bring up anxiety, fear, and/or excitement. We couldn’t exactly ask them to behave their best as we count down to the end of their known normal.

Knowing some behaviors will probably remain steady until the final bell rings, what can be done about it? Here are some suggestions to keeping the peace (and your cool!) through May:

Circle Time! - Nothing like a good ol’ class circle to voice concerns and increase the positive engagement.

Brain Breaks - Chop up the day with a little movement, meditation, or quick game to shake things up.

Increase your positive comments in class (complimenting, encouraging).

Keep open communication with students who may be struggling.

We are Teachers put out a helpful blog a few years ago addressing these concerns too. You can read it here: End of Year Behavior Issues and How to Address Them (

As the countdown counts on and the behaviors rise, remind yourself and each other how much you’ve all grown since August. Give your students the pat on the back they deserve for their progress and try to keep your patience in check. You’ve got this & we’ve got you!

The End of the year is near, and FUELS would like to say,


- To all the educators who spent countless hours caring, planning, and teaching.

Happy Summer to you all!

For more information about how F.U.E.L.S. helps teachers and kids in local communities, CLICK HERE!

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