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Teachable Moment: "We Don't Do That Here."

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

How do we ever decide that a child does not belong at a school?

The sad fact is that it still happens all the time.

"There is another place for him to go."

"There are classes for kids like him."

"There are programs that can better meet his needs."

And often, these determinations are made before even TRYING to meet the child's need in the current location.

In this "teachable moment", an administrator has decided that a child needs to "go somewhere else". Same child, but now a new exceptionality.

A new exceptionality does not change the location of instruction, but does adjust the supports. Accommodations may become modifications, classroom assistive technology might be adjusted.

It's still the same child. Have a listen...

Parents, take this assessment to ensure that your child is getting what they need.

  • Do the class supports match the IEP?

  • Is learning engaging?

  • Are they able to show what they know in a way that makes sense?

  • Are they able to access grade level material?

Parent Support Needs Assessment- The Empowered Parent Coaching
Download PDF • 278KB

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