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New Year, New Mindset!

Happy New Year! I think Taylor Swift said it best when she sang, "I don't know about you, but I'm feelin' 22!"

The start of a new year whether the calendar year, school year, or fiscal year, brings opportunities for some shifts.

Shifts in goals, priorities...

Maybe a shift in initiatives (just don't try too many at once!!)

As a trainer and coach of elementary schools who are fiercely working to develop inclusive practices and embracing new ways to reach every child, my mindset shift automatically goes to encouraging an inclusive mindset.

So... what is an inclusive mindset?

Having an inclusive mindset is shown through a respect for all people, an understanding that all people have differences, a wondering about alternate learning styles, cultural competence, and kindness.

In our current educational climate, there is such a tremendous amount of angst. Educators are working to "close the gap", "remediate learning loss", teach to the "modules, pacing guide, grade level teacher edition", etc...

...whatever the "buzz term" is to ensure that every child is placed "inside the box" AKA learns the same material in the same way at the same time.

Let's be honest. That is not realistic. In 2022, our children have so many needs that we must consider flexibility, alternate ways to engage children, adaptations, assistive technology, and the principles of universal design for learning...

So EVERY child can be included in learning.

To truly include every child, we must:

  • respect the differences, disability or not, of EVERY child

  • consider alternate means of engagement

  • have flexibility in teaching and use supports when needed

  • understand that EVERY child holds value and is an integral part of our community

THAT is an inclusive mindset.

So, if you are searching for a resolution in this magical new year, try being inclusive. After all, mindsets are meant to be shifted.

And if Taylor Swift is "feelin' 22", I think some big things are going to happen.

Happy New Year 2022!!

Inclusiveology is the place for all things inclusive:

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