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Put Away the Orange Cones...

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Orange Cones?

Strange title, right?!

What does that have to do with children? Orange cones are barriers. To places that we are not supposed to go. We know this already...

You know what is not a barrier? Classrooms. School communities. Neighborhoods.

But somehow, these areas are STILL a barrier to some students that learn in an alternate way or have a cognitive difference.

It never feels good to come across a barrier or not be allowed to go somewhere or engage in something that we want to do.

Imagine having this feeling every day at school while you are trying to:

  • Read an article, but you are below grade level and can't fully access the content

  • Solve an equation in Math, but you don't have the manipulatives that help you solve it

  • Share your thoughts with a partner, but can't quite find the words

Or the ultimate educational barrier, not being allowed to attend your neighborhood school at all...

It takes an inclusive mindset, flexible planning and a big toolbox to remove barriers to education that SHOULD be accessible for all. EVERY child deserves to learn in a way that makes sense to them, with the right tools to help eliminate the barriers and grow confident and empowered.

WHY would we place barriers in front of children to inhibit them from being successful? Going as far as they need to go? Feeling empowered? Not nice.

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