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Is It Really Learning "Loss"? Let's Re-Frame It.

Since the onset of the pandemic, we have been hearing the phrase learning loss in regards to children's experiences in school.

But does that phrase need to be reframed?

I believe it does.

Rather than considering learning loss, it needs to be reframed as missed learning.

During the course of the pandemic, there were many opportunities for learning to truly be missed. Whether it was absences from school, teacher shortages, overcrowded classrooms, or too much time spent pushing through unrealistic expectations to "catch up", there was missed learning. This was the case for many students across the United States and across the globe.

I would like to think that school systems are providing opportunities for teachers to address missed learning. Opportunities for review, small group instruction, and repeated practice of skills would benefit every child as we consider missed learning.

However, for children with disabilities and learning differences missed learning looks different.

Some of these children are experiencing missed learning on a daily basis. But HOW?

There are limited resources and training opportunities to best support teachers and parents in best understanding how to help children with disabilities learn. If you are a parent, ask yourself:

  • Is my child engaging in learning? Are they an active participant in what is happening in the classroom?

  • Is my child given access to tools and materials that help him learn? If my child is not reading on grade level or not a reader yet or struggles with focus, how is he supported?

  • Is my child ready to learn? Are they comfortable in their seat or space? Is this the best way for them to learn?

If any of these questions seem "off" to you or the answer is a solid NO, then it is very possible that your child is experiencing missed learning every day!

Is that ok with you?

For more information on how to best support your child with engagement, accessibility and flexibility options in school so we can STOP THE MISSED LEARNING that happens every day, check out The Empowered Parent Coaching Program.

Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


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