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Inclusive Playgrounds

Playgrounds are the community gathering places of childhood.

They're filled with all types of activities: swings, slides, ladders, seesaws, jungle gyms and plenty of space to run around.

But what if the playground is not accessible to you?

For children with physical disabilities, there are barriers to enjoying all that traditional playgrounds have to offer. They might not be able to access swings or the slide if the playground has traditional-sized equipment. How about a playground that has larger, adaptable play areas that can be used by ALL children?

For children who are not typically verbal or do not use words to communicate, there are barriers to socialization. How about a playground that has a communication board?

These boards encourage expression for children who do not have typical communication, but may also be used by ALL children. It's a win-win!

How fun do these playgrounds look?!?!?

Just like in the classroom, it's time to make play equitable for EVERY child.

When we make play (and learning) equitable, every child has a chance to engage, grow and be part of an inclusive community.

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