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"I Don't Know Anyone with a Disability"

During a recent presentation to a group of non-educators, a member said just that. "I don't know anyone with a disability."

You might have to read that twice to let that sink in and wrap your mind around that statement.

First of all... unless you are living under a rock or have isolated yourself from the rest of humankind, you more than likely know someone with a disability.

I'm 99% sure that you do.

People with disabilities, learning differences, differing abilities, or however you want to say it are everywhere.

FACT: One billion people or 15% of the global population have a disability.

FACT: That is the largest "minority" population in the world.

Are all disabilities visible? NO!

Does everyone with a disability use a wheelchair? NO!

Disabilities come in a wide variety:

The point is... does it matter?

People with disabilities don't wear a t-shirt or announce their sign to announce their difference.

If that were the case, we would all have to wear our own custom t-shirt and design.

We are all so very different.

And that is a beautiful thing...

For more information on how Inclusiveology can support differing abilities, CLICK HERE

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