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Hmmm... How Do I Make A Goal?

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

I love setting goals. I am also one of those folks that makes a list with pencil and paper to ensure that I can map out my goals and cross things off as I go. Quite rewarding if I do say so...

Some of my goals are small: reach out to those who have sent me emails, post on social media.

Some are more lofty: create a system that supports teachers with ongoing professional development, resources and a learning community designed to grow inclusive practices.

That's a big one!

As a former special educator and instructional coach, I have developed goals for children with varying abilities and have supported teachers in creating relevant goals for both themselves and their students.

Do I pick one from a list? NO!

Do I copy the goals of another student? NO!

Do I "make something up"? OF COURSE NOT!

In order to create relevant and meaningful goals, we have to have data from multiple sources. Let's move beyond just the state or required "district" assessments. Those give us some information, but we must go deeper. For example:

  • 1:1 reading assessments to determine where there are deficits

Are there deficits in decoding or encoding? Comprehension only? It matters where the

deficits are. You wouldn't write a fluency goal if a child could not yet decode...

  • daily formative assessments, like "tickets out the door", impromptu quizzes, review of student work or an interview.

There are so many additional authentic ways to determine a child's present levels of performance and gather information to create a meaningful goal.

If you're not sure how, ASK.

If you're overwhelmed, ASK.

But don't just sit on the goal and think that you'll score. It won't happen...

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