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Frozen and stuck...

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

... are the words that come to mind when I reflect on a recent situation.

I found myself frustrated and unable to problem-solve my way out of a bag. Hence, feeling frozen and stuck. I, like so many of my students with disabilities needed additional supports.

I am fortunate to have a brilliant mentor that talked me off of the proverbial ledge, and quite simply said:

"You need some goal setting."

After speaking with her, I had an a-ha moment: I have spent years developing learning goals for students, implementing them, and supporting teachers in the implementation of goals that they had set for their students.

But I had forgotten to set a new goal for myself. And therefore, found myself frozen and stuck in the mire of "I don't know what to do."

Sidebar: I really do know what to do... I just didn't have a plan of action or a goal.

When we have goals, a plan, and a way to reach that goal, we are infinitely more successful. With that, too, comes feelings of accomplishment, pride and success in knowing that "YOU DID IT""!

And so it is for our kiddos. We set goals that are relevant. We set goals based on present levels of performance, assessments, observations and feedback.

We provide them with explicit and systematic instruction so they can reach their goal. We have a plan. We aren't randomly teaching, right?

So, I will meet again with my mentor, and we will create a goal that includes a plan that is systematic and explicit.

And it will be relevant! And purposeful!

And, like our kiddos, I will feel accomplished and successful when I meet my goal.

Huh... Imagine that.

At Inclusiveology, we want every child to be included in learning, with relevant goals and instruction, feeling accomplished, successful, and empowered.

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