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Forty-four Percent of Children with Disabilities?!

Forty-four percent of parents of students with cognitive disabilities reported that schools abandoned their child’s legal right to access an equitable education when they moved to remote learning (R. Lake, "How Are Kids with Disabilities Doing Post-COVID? Shamefully, We Still Don’t Know", 2022).

This is a recent article.

During the pandemic and the move to remote learning, there were many challenges that our national education system faced. One that might have had more limited consideration is that of access to equitable education for children with cognitive disabilities.

I saw first hand the challenges faced by teachers, parents, and children in my local district.

  • Limited hands-on learning

  • Lack of visual supports

  • Lack of small group specially designed instruction

  • Lack of availability to age-respectful and accessible materials

  • Lack of resources for parents as they were often charged with educational supports at home for their child

And... the list could go on and on.

This is not a teacher problem. It is not a parent problem. And we certainly know that it is not a child problem.

During the pandemic, we had a very clearly identified systemic educational problem.

Now that the pandemic is no longer at the forefront, how are children with more cognitive disabilities faring?

Are we confidently able to say that they have access to:

  • Hands-on learning

  • Visual supports

  • Small group specially designed instruction

  • Age-respectful and accessible materials

  • Classroom technology as an ongoing support

Can we?

We are a nation that, for the last two decades, has preached that "No Child is Left Behind".

I'm not sure I believe that.

No parent should look out their proverbial rear-view mirror and see their child.

Missing learning. Missing access. Missing equity. Missing opportunity.

Find out how to get the support that you need to feel empowered and to advocate for what your child needs.

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If you took a look in the mirror, would you see one of those 45%?

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