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A Personal Quest for Accessibility:


Every morning, coffee is a must have.

It is part of my morning routine, some of it consumed doing a crossword puzzle, some of it working in my home office.

My challenge now that I have broken my foot, is how to carry coffee from the coffee maker to my desired space. Now that I am using a knee scooter (an absolute game changer in terms of independence), I can’t carry coffee like I normally would, because it would slosh everywhere and make a mess.

Enter the glass container with a lid, screw top and a handle! Perfect!

I put all of my coffee in my glass container, grab a favorite coffee mug, and put both of those in the handy basket attached to my knee scooter.

It’s a total win! 

By making a couple of simple adjustments, making and having coffee is now completely accessible.

And sometimes it is about just that: making some simple adjustments.

Same thing goes for kiddos in school. When we make those simple adjustments, learning becomes accessible, and kids become more independent.

Now THAT is a total win! ✨☕️✨

Inclusiveology supports all things accessible and engaging for children with disabilities. Find out how!!

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