Workshops and Offerings for Schools

Title:  The Nine Elements of Inclusion

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  • 45 minutes

  • Perfect for Staff Meetings or Professional Learning Communities​

  • Great opportunity to begin discussions about inclusion and equity for children with disabilities

Title:  Introduction to Inclusive Communities

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  • 3 hours

  • Discover the nine elements needed to implement an inclusive culture

  • Learn tools and strategies that you can use right away!

Title:  Inclusiveology

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  • Full school year commitment to transform your school

  • Monthly professional development (in person or virtual)

  • Ongoing coaching for unique supports

  • Weekly Office Hours for "in the moment" needs

  • Specially Designed Professional Learning Communities to reflect and problem-solve

School, District, and Conference Offerings


I am excited to announce that I am now booking my presentations for the Fall 2022/Spring 2023 school year!


We Build.

Everyone in our inclusive community has to have background knowledge, acquire new vocabulary, and reflect on their current practices and space.  We pre-teach for students, so why wouldn't we do that for ourselves?!  It supports us in digging deeper.


We Train.

When we strategically train in all 9 essential elements of an inclusive community, it works!  From scheduling to assistive technology to adapting instruction and creating inclusive spaces... let's have all the pieces to set up for success!


We Coach.

The best professional development has follow-up that makes sense and is relevant to your school community.  Remember when you reflected on current practice and spaces?  We might need to revisit that or create some unique supports.  Makes sense, right?!


We Grow.

We are most successful when our students grow.  All of them.  Every child needs to be included in learning to grow, feel confident and empowered as little humans.  They grow up to be big humans and an integral part of the communities in which we live.

Beach Chairs

Snack-sized Summer Workshops 

Beach Chairs

Title:  The Ins and Outs of SDI

June offerings 
6/7  10am EST
6/15 11am EST
6/29 11am EST

July offerings 
7/12 10am EST
7/14 12pm EST
7/20 11am EST
7/26 10am EST
7/28 12pm EST


Title:  Introduction to Inclusiveology

July offerings 
7/12 2pm EST
7/14 4pm EST
7/20 1pm EST
7/26 2pm EST
7/28 4pm EST

June offerings 
6/7  2pm EST
6/15 1pm EST
6/29 1pm EST


Title:  Modifications and Accommodations

July offerings 
7/13 11am EST
7/19 10am EST
7/21 12pm EST
7/27 11am EST

June offerings 
6/8 10am EST
6/16 10am EST
6/30 12pm EST


Title:  Assistive Technology for the Classroom

June offerings 
6/8 1pm EST
6/16 12pm EST
6/30 4pm EST

July offerings 
7/13 1pm EST
7/19 2pm EST
7/21 4pm EST
7/27 1pm EST

What Professionals Are Saying

DJ truly cares and believes in all children’s ability to learn.  When DJ has helped me work with students she has always been very keen on seeing the positives in students and what they are able to accomplish and how to use that to help them improve their struggles.  Her positive attitude helps others to see the potential in all students.

Yadira R., educator