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Accommodations and Access
"Think Tank" workshop
May 23-25  10-11:30 am EST

think tank (n.):  a group focused on the resolution of a particular problem

This experience is for parents of children who have an existing IEP or 504 Plan.



Why is my child frustrated with school?

Why is there no improvement or little improvement in his learning?

How can I help her?




What are his strengths?

What holds her attention?

What would make the difference in her reading ability?

How can he get his thoughts on paper?



There are hundreds of solutions out there to support children in learning.  We just have to find the ones that work nest for YOURS.

That's what matters.

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Let's GO!
Problem. Think.  Solution.

May 23-25 10-11:30 am EST

This is a LIVE event.  No recording is available.

Check your email for our Zoom link!

Color Pencils
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