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We've Heard the Phrase "It Takes a Village"...

We've heard "it takes a village", but that's not the entire phrase.

"It takes a village to raise a child" originated in Africa and embodies the spirit and importance of community when raising a child.

The idea behind this is the community, in conjunction with parents, support the child with positive interactions, encouragement, and safe, healthy environments. The child, essentially, is "raised up" by the whole community.

Let's give some thought on how that might look in our current communities.

If our communities are the village, then we, the people of the community, are the villagers.

So, who are the villagers?

  • neighbors

  • teachers and other school personnel

  • your child's karate teacher, ballet teacher, or troop leader

  • your friends and family

These might be your "primary villagers". They are some of the obvious choices of people who have the best interest of your child in mind: that encourage them with positive words when they are frustrated, that are nurturing when tears flow, or are on the front lines of the cheering section when your child receives an award, makes the team or gets their first job.

I hope that these "primary" villagers fill your child with love, encouragement, and positivity!

But if we are to truly consider that "it takes a village to raise a child", are there other villagers, let's call them "secondary villagers", that have a positive impact on your child?

  • the school crossing guard

  • the check out person at your local library

  • the woman that works in the produce department at the grocery store you frequent

  • the mail carrier

Every child has the opportunity to grow, engage, and learn when they are surrounded by villagers in the community that give them what they need to feel and be successful.

Who else is supporting your child with positive, encouraging words and actions, and love?

Who is an essential part of your village?

If you are the parent of a child with a disability or learning difference, and want to find a village for encouragement and support, look no further.

Inclusiveology supports with coaching to ensure that every child is included in learning with the right tools for accessibility, engagement, and flexibility.

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