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Want a Confident Child?

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Who wouldn't want a confident child?

A child who feels good about their choices, their ability to make decisions, and have some freedom in growing as both a human and a learner.

Ultimately, children who are confident are also empowered. They can start to connect to their community as a whole and the world at large. They can begin to see their place and their influence as they get older.

While parents are the very first influencers on a child's sense of empowerment, the school environment and teachers holds a close second.

At school, children will, hopefully:

  • learn resiliency in working through complex tasks and challenges

  • continue to develop a positive sense of character that will set them up for success

  • learn to make decisions in the best interest of their authentic learning

  • learn more about how they learn and what tools support their engagement and success

  • learn more about their interests and have opportunities to explore them and dig deeper in ways that make sense

Let children be open to the incredible possibilities of who they are authentically as members of your community and the world as a whole. Let every child feel empowered as a little human.

When we can include children in their educational choices, we encourage confidence and a greater sense of self.

When they can see themselves as members of the world, they have the capacity for great change.

Don't we all want that for our children?

If you wholeheartedly agree with the necessity to empower your child regardless of learning difference or disability, join me for coaching in The Empowered Parent!

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