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The Author's Chair

As an author, you are expected to use a pencil or other writing implement.



The correct answer is FALSE. But WHY?

Writing is an expressive medium. Yes, most of the time a writing implement is used because that is the expectation. But what if a child has the desire to write but is not yet ready to hold a pencil? Or...

Can hold a pencil, crayon, marker, or colored pencil but is not yet making legible letters or words?

Are they still authors?

Most definitely, yes.

In my classroom, we would celebrating writing with a day of Authors' Chair. Every last Friday of the month, we would send out invitations to our favorite folks and enjoy each other's creative writing.

Sometimes, the writing was done with pencil, sometimes it was done with visuals or pictures to tell a story.

Or, the writing contained letters, words, phrases, and sentences and sometimes it was scribbled colored with some visuals or vocalizations (to really help the story hit home!).

As their teacher, it never really mattered what the writing "looked like". What mattered was...

  • the attempt

  • the stories that were told, regardless of the tools

  • the patience in relaying their stories when their voices were not quite ready to tell a story yet

  • the heart that went in to each of the stories whether we understood them or not.

My kiddos, regardless of ability or pencil grip were authors.

And they sat proud in that Authors' Chair. Telling stories that inspired the rest of us...

How can we support your students with writing and expression?

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