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Look, I Built an ABC Bridge!!

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

In Kindergarten, students in my class learned how to create AB, ABC, ABAC and other assorted patterns as part of mathematics. During their independent time to create these patterns, they were given an option on what resources and materials to use:

  • manipulatives including unfix cubes, pompoms, geo blocks, blocks, etc.

  • visual squares to show where to place the blocks in a certain pattern

  • paper and crayons/markers to draw a pattern

You get the picture... there were multiple options in which to represent their learning and engage.

As they created and engaged individually or in pairs, I circulated the room.

Assessing really... in the most natural and authentic of ways.

Jaya was creating her ABC pattern with ring builders. Jaya had a very mathematical brain, even as a Kindergartener. She was beginning to understand how numbers work, 2-D and 3-D shapes... very comfortable in her mathematical space.

As I move closer to her and the pattern that she is creating with ring builders, I realize that she has taken it to the next level.


With plastic ring builders, she has created a bridge. Not just the 2-D shape of a bridge, but a 3-D bridge.

Right there on the floor in vibrant blue, yellow, red, green, and orange.

A bridge for tiny cars to travel over, or puppets to cross, or for a troll to live under.

So as I approach her, I say, "Wow! Tell me about your patterns and what you did."

Her response: "Look! I built an ABC bridge!"

She had NO idea of her creative mathematical power.

It is so important that we give every child an opportunity to engage and grow in classroom spaces that encourage independence in a way that is meaningful to them. How else can they learn their true capabilities?

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