He's a Non-Reader.

Updated: Aug 10

A non-reader...

What does that EVEN MEAN?!?

How do we make the determination that a child of any age is a "non-reader"? But yet, it happens.

Why do you think that is? I have seen teachers decide when a child is in the 3rd grade that this particular child is not a reader. I believe this determination comes from a complete lack of knowledge on how to best support a growing reader.

Yes, there may be struggles... or refusal... or disinterest... But WHY?

There are many reasons that vary depending on the child. Here's a few:

  • difficulty decoding words

  • a delay in oral language skills

  • instruction has not been explicit or systematic

  • text/books are not at the correct level for independent reading (increasing frustration)

Whatever the reason, EVERY child is capable of being a reader. For some, it looks different. That's okay.

At Inclusiveology, we help with assessments, supports and specially designed instruction to ensure that every child grows to be the best reader they can be.

Every child can learn to read with the right supports. But to say that a child is "not a reader"?Well, that sounds a bit like you have given up...

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