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Color Pencils

For Parents

Does Your Child Struggle In School?

              Does your child have a learning or cognitive disability?

​              Does your child learn differently? Or



              Are you just needing some educational supports for your child?

Child reading a comic book
Girl by the Tree

You need Inclusiveology!


Whichever box you checked, let's explore all of the options 
to help your child grow as a learner!

More engagement and focus in your child's learning!

More access to reading, writing, and learning materials, even if they are not YET at grade level!

More flexibility in how they learn new things!

All of these lead to...

A child with more confidence and independence.  What could be better than that?


We offer mentoring and training for parents of children with disabilities and learning differences.

If you are looking to see your child more engaged, have materials more accessible, and have increased achievement, find out how we help you and your child grow and feel empowered!

What is already in place to support your child's success? 

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