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Tuesday, 10am EST

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Wednesday 6pm EST

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Thursday 4pm EST

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Created for Parents of Children with Disabilities and Learning Differences


We grow when we are surrounded by a community of like-minded people:  to feel encouraged, share ideas, and find out what works best for kids!

Tools and Strategies

Not every child fits "inside the box" of traditional learning.  With mentoring, discover the possibilities for your child as you learn more about how learning can be more accessible, engaging, and flexible.

Weekly Mentoring and Training

When you have a child with a disability, there is so much to know!  This is a place for growth, discovery, and a safe place for problem-solving with real solutions for home and school.

IEP/504 Plan Support

Now that your child has an IEP or a 504 plan, is it being implemented in the classroom?  Does it contain everything that your child needs?  Learn what questions to ask, what to look for, and how to best advocate for your child at school.  

Growth Mindset Shift

Dig deeper into what your child needs, get a handle on all of the new "verbiage" that is used at meeting, and reflect on your child's successes.   This is when questions may arise that can lead to huge shifts in what's possible!


There is no such thing as a silly question!  Sometimes there are questions you don't even know you have until you are given new information and your thinking is challenged.  In our sessions, you'll get your answers.

"DJ helped us understand how to support our son's basic reading skills and share with his teacher."  

Melissa, parent

"DJ is a great problem solver!  She helped us organize our mornings so they are not so chaotic!"  

Alyssa, parent

"I feel like I can support M's new teacher in knowing what he needs to learn; I understand his IEP."

Jerrie, parent

"My daughter, S., feels so much more supported in school.  I feel like she is really learning; she's getting it!"

Mitchell, parent

"Thank you so much for talking with me yesterday.  Although we won't be able to use your services, I o appreciate you taking the time to speak with us and providing good tools and suggestions for other resources the might be helpful for my 12 y.o.  I will definitely be recommending you to other parents and teachers!"

Adria, parent



Another parent!

Including every child in learning

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